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Attract and nurture more leads with inbound marketing and marketing automation


Convert more opportunities into sales, with digitally empowered sellers and leadership support


Align sales & marketing around a shared goal of revenue growth and collaborate to realise it

We make commercial best practice organisational common practice


Get expert advice, perspectives, frameworks and tools to enable your sales and marketing organisation to better performance

Learn from industry practitioners, commercial leaders who have successfully led their organisations through the digital commercial transformation

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We are a sales & marketing management consultancy

Helping B2B organizations attract more business and win bigger deals by enabling sales and marketing to collaborate more effectively around a customer buying process that delights buyers

Marketing Enablement

Helping CMOs, Marketing Directors and Commercial Excellence build, implement and optimize on their digital lead machine and Account Based Marketing approach

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Typichal challenges we see:

  •  Inability to create enough leads for sale, because the organisation rely on old inefficient activities and tools for lead generation and capturing
  • Low win-rates on leads passed to sales, because the lead has not been systematically qualified and nurtured through the lead generation process
  • High cost per lead, because the organisation rely on manual processess to trace and manage leads towards sales readiness

Sales Enablement

Helping CSOs, Sales Directors and Sales Excellence build sales organisations that drive customer buying processess and sales growth

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Typichal challenges we see

  • Sales organisation working ad hoc and without a structured and systematic sales approach making it difficult to control and scale
  •  Inability to meet sales targets as sales people are failing to meet new buyer demands in how they sell
  •  Sales force understanding of  how to manage qualified leads and sales opportunities through the funnel too low
  •  Sales management too far away from the frontline and day-to-day operations to support and have a real impact on revenue creation
  •  Little  respect for how marketing could potentially support sales efforts and low prioritization of following feedback mechanisms

Commercial Transformation

Helping CCOs, CEOs and busines owners build and develop a collaborative commercial organisation, enbled with most effective capabilities, tools, processes and leadership

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Typical challenges we see

  • Difficulties deciding strategic direction for the sales and marketing function in a more turbulent, digital and transparent world  
  • Not having a data backed overview of where to apply ressources and lack of knowledge on how engagement needs to differ per segment
  • Not able to secure stable topline growth as buying behaviour is shifting from offline to online
  • Not able to accurately predict revenue growth due to lack of operating model and sales management discipline

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We are revenue growth engineers, not a creative agency

Thomas Børve-Jørgensen   

M.Sc Managing Partner LinkedIn

The B2B buying landscape has changed dramatically and sales and marketing needs to adapt.

Aligning sales and marketing around a shared commercial agenda and integrating the functions into one coherent organisation should be top priority for B2B organisations in the 21st century

Commercial organisations must deliver exceptional buying experiences throughout the whole marketing & sales process, to create, capture and convert demand into loyal advocating customers who love buying from you.” 

Decades of success helping B2B enterprises accelerate growth
Our work builds on deep commercial expertise, from decades of helping B2B organisations create impact and grow revenue. From making the right strategic decisions in the executive office and board room, to helping the organisations execute in the day-to-day revenue engine room

+50 commercial transformation projects has taught us what works
We know change and how to do it successfully. Our people are the architects behind global commercial transformations for some of Europe’s largest B2B organisations.

We closely with our clients, all the way into the revenue engine room training managers and leaders how to lift their organisation.

We love crafting good customer buying experiences
53% of customer loyalty is driven by the buying experience and we love to create good customer buying experiences for our clients, as much as we hate experiencing bad ones ourselves.

B2B buying from your company, from latent pain to customer advocacy, should be a delighting experience

We build and operationalise revenue engines
Our professional focus is on creating and installing the right sales & marketing activities, management systems and supporting tools to drive consistent sales growth.

We think and act like B2B sales and marketing leaders because that is the world we come out of. Content, messages are tools (and important ones) and must be created out of an understanding of a deep understanding of the target buyers and their changing concerns and interests through the buying process.

Help you take advantage on new digital tools
If your sales & marketing activities are not already supported by the latest digital tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness, you need to do so immediately.

Tools are no substitute for poorly design lead, opportunity & customer management processes, but they can help to exponentially enhance good ones.

We use marketing automation software, CRM, Social media tools, virtual training etc. ourselves and undertand how to give our clients the same capabilities

Typical problems we solve

When poor Sales & Marketing integration is stunting your growth

We align sales and marketing around the customer buying process and simple selected tools, to accelerate pipeline growth

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When there is no clear digitally aligned commercial strategy, to beat competition

We co-create a winning commercial strategy that use best practice processes and take advantage of new digital tools & opportunities

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When new business from the existing customer base is suffering

We design commercial customer success journeys and install them operationally and technically in the sales and marketing modus operandi

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When too few important big deals are won and converted into sales and revenue

We tailor and install a deal acceleration program to fit your sales methodology, sales process and management capabilities

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When the traditional demand creation engine generates too few leads at too high of a cost

We build digital demand creation capabilities at the customer or take care of the technical and time consuming operational tasks of digital demand creation for them 

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Estimated annual cost to B2B enterprises, from poor sales & marketing alignment (Hubspot.com)


The upside potential is equally staggering with an Aberdeen study indicating highly aligned organisations realising 36% YoY revenue growth, vs. 7% revenue decline for the least aligned. However, we still find that many B2B companies work in sales and marketing silos, without a clear and shared commercial strategy, operating model and process for driving customer buying behaviour


Estimated spending on “Sales Acceleration Technology” in 2017 in the US alone (Insidesales.com)


15% of B2B enterprises have clearly defined objectives, strategy and roadmap for how to develop their commercial organizations digitally, despite the fact that failure to do those things, reduces chances of success by 37%.


Estimated B2B marketing spending in US 2016 on sales collateral never used (IgniteACP analysis, 2018).


It is estimated that 29% of the total marketing budget of 2016/17 in the US was spent on content generation, of which awhopping 70% is estimated to never having been used by sales. There is a massive leak between sales and marketing and value messages are not reaching customers.


Estimated percentage of B2B sales reps estimated made redundant by 2020, buyer changes sales force digitalization (Forrester Research, 2015)


Informed customers are completing a greater share of the buying journey on their own and digital sales enablement tools are making B2B sales reps more efficient at their job. It is estimated that 24% of B2B sales reps will be made redundant by 2020, as a result.


Get expert advice, perspectives, frameworks and tools to enable your sales and marketing organisation to better performance

Learn from industry practitioners, commercial leaders who have successfully led their organisations through the digital commercial transformation

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